Himanshu Sharma

The backbone of Tattvam Media team, Himanshu is a dedicated techi, a visionary and great mentor. His enthusiasm is contagious. When not handling business operations, he’s engrossed with his pokemon games and reading.

Bipin Pawar
Sr. Manager of Business Development

Bipin works with complete management of business for Tattvam Media by creating and implementing cool strategies. He’s a foodie who loves acting, sleeping and gyming when not working.

Reeta Vadera Kelkar
HR Manager

She brings life to the team by keeping everyone active, adding expert resources and managing all aspects of the company. When not working, she loves cooking and spending her time dancing to the tunes of Odissi and Kathak dance.

Khushboo Azad
Project Manager

She deals with all the operations and digital marketing strategies for the team, Tattvam Media. Wearing many hats at a time is her greatest skill. When not working she’s either sipping over a coffee, writing journal or reading a novel.

Mayank Bhatt
Business Development Manager

He confirms the integration of elite creativity to the product and prevents any sort of flaw to deliver the best.

Rahul K Jha
Web App Developer

Our very own web application developer, Rahul is our solution to all problems. He’s not only the brain behind the frames you see but also our IT department. If he’s not working, he’s either sleeping or watching a movie, you bet!

Sagar Godbole
Graphic Designer

He undoubtedly knows how to play around with colors and designs providing the best fit for all niches and styles. When not doodling on the images, you can see him playing football, hanging around with friends and capturing beautiful pictures.

Aliasgar Babat
SEO Strategist

Aliasgar handles all the SEO Projects for us. He is the brain behind strategizing and execution of end to end SEO for websites. He loves playing Cricket, Pool, Chess and TableTennis.

Raj Gaur

The Dreamer, the thinker, who is always busy in making strategies for everything related to sales & marketing.

Sakina Bhagdadi
Content Writer

At the heart of every strategy lies some kind of content that creates the overall magic. Sakina is our content magician targeting every niche with right words. When not working she loves reading, travelling and meeting new people.

Anurag Gour

Meet the hustler, movie buff, & a tech lover who likes to get involved in every aspect of digital marketing.

Tejas Pethkar
Web Developer

He is a Computer Engineer, UI/UX Designer & Front-end Developer He relish simplifying complex problems and building beautiful and intuitive designs. When he is not coding or pushing pixels, you'll find him in the gym , hanging out with friends, or probably sleeping ...