Email Marketing

Email marketing happens to be one of the most cost-effective methods of online marketing and helps you build a stronger customer relationship. As one of  the top email marketing services in India, we understand every nook and cranny of email marketing and with every email marketing campaigns we help you generate more revenue.

  1. Keeping our eye on the prize, we create the most efficient email marketing strategy for your brand.
  2. Using the best too
  3. ls for the job, we create eye-catching designs, relevant content and responsive email templates ensuring higher open rates and click-through rates.
  4. We take every step to promote brand loyalty and increase engagement with your email subscribers.
  5. Through effective CTAs, we get your potential clients to convert into sales qualified lead . Additionally, we upsell your services to previous customers for recurring business.

Our expert email marketing includes


Campaign & Target StrategyList BuildingPromotional Emails
Engagement EmailsRemarketing EmailsDrip Marketing Emails
Email CopywritingEmail Template DesigningA/B Testing
Website Signup IntegrationLanding page integrationAnalytics and Reporting

Email Marketing Game PlanWhen you team up with us, rest assured you’re getting the best of email marketing services.

Understanding your requirements, we create a well-planned email marketing scheme that’ll help you in converting more leads into paying customers or acquiring more business from existing customers. All our email marketing campaigns are configured with that end goal in mind.

  1. Company and Industry Research
  2. Competitor Analysis
  3. Building Subscriber Lists
  4. Website and Landing Page Integration

Execution and achieving planned results

Customer retention and relationship building is the heart of any successful email marketing campaign. With that in mind, we configure every campaign that offers maximum email deliverability, open rates and click rates.

  1. Copywriting Emails
  2. Template Designing
  3. A/B Testing
  4. Email Distribution
  5. Checking Email Metrics

Whichever email marketing plan you choose, we don’t compromise on services.

All our plans include

Dedicated Account ManagerIn Depth Competitor Analysis2 Free Consultation Per Month
Email Metrics EvaluationAudit & RecommendationsMonthly Reports

As one of the top email marketing service providers in India, we know what it means to be the best.

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