Conversion Rate Optimization


Conversion Rate Optimization or CRO is all about using analytics data and user feedback to optimize the user experience for better action results. At Tattvam Media, we put extra emphasis on excellent CRO strategy that assures higher profits while decreasing lead acquisition cost.

  1. We identify, analyze and enrich all conversion funnels for better conversion metrics.
  2. Paying utmost care on user experience, our team thoroughly checks your data to make informed decisions for an improved CRO.
  3. Enhancing various aspects of content marketing, SEO and paid marketing, we ensure quality visitors to your website resulting higher conversions.

Our conversion rate optimization services include

Conversion Funnel AnalysisIncoming Traffic AnalysisCompetitor Analysis
Conversion Tracking Code SetupWeb Copy TestingUX Testing
Performance TestRaw Heat Map Data TestingShopping Cart Abandonment Testing
Landing Page CreationLead Form Setup & IntegrationCTA Implementations
Confirmation/Thank you pageAuto RespondersA/B Tests

Analyzing and Strategizing
Get the best of CRO services to increase your business.

As a part of our CRO services, we thoroughly test your website and understand your industry standards. Aiming for the best user experience, we enhance the conversion funnel to improve the conversion process. We identify the barriers within your funnel and help you resolve them.

  1. Conversion Funnel Analysis
  2. Incoming Traffic Analysis
  3. Web Copy Testing
  4. UX Testing
  5. Raw Heat Map Data
  6. Conversion Strategy

Experimenting and Optimizing Conversion Funnel

Comprehending your priorities, our hypothesis focuses solely on increasing revenue. Our services will unclog the conversion process and help you convert your traffic to growth numbers.

  1. Landing Page
  2. CTA Implementation
  3. A/B Testing
  4. Auto Responders
  5. Copywriting
  6. Landing Page

Whichever CRO plan you choose, we don’t compromise on services.

All our plans include

Dedicated CRO ManagerIn Depth Competitor Analysis2 Free Consultation Per Month
Conversion Funnel AnalysisAudit & RecommendationsMonthly Reports

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